A Boy Named Jack

I never seem to know what triggers my thoughts, but I guess today I was thinking about my own sons and the great relationship I have with them. The sacrifices I made for their happiness were done with zero regret or remorse. My father has always loved me and he too sacrificed. As an adult I know now what I didn’t then. I see fathers that seem to think having to love and discipline their own children as an annoyance. Young boys, more than anything, need the love of a father.
I know I was not the best husband, or I wouldn’t be divorced, but dang I am a great dad. Lol
That’s my rambling rant, so I’ll just post my poem.
A Boy Named Jack

I’ll tell you a story of a boy named Jack.
He carried the world on his tiny young back.
His mother loved him in her own special way. 

But his father never had much to say.
Jack played outside, he cleaned his room.
But it always seemed his father would boom.
“Jack come here, you have more to do!
You’re useless boy, pick up my shoe!”
For years this boy took it in stride.
His feelings of hate from all he did
An extra penny he’d earn here and there.
He’d slip it to his mother for her he did care.
Jack grew to a man, found a girl to adore.
She said “Yes”, and he ran out the door. 

A child of his own soon he held in his arm.
He swore to the child, “You’ll never know harm.”
He thought of his mother and the love she did give.
And within that same grace this
child did live.
His father passed on and Jack was sad.
For he knew of the joys the two never had.
I guess the moral is we all can have strife.
But how we handle it, defines our own life. 


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Who am I? I ask myself that every day. But in reality I am just me.......
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