Waffle House Desire

  Waffle House Desire

I got a Waffle House desire. For it’s breakfast I never tire. 
The coffee’s hot and strong; I can drink it all day long. 
You can have your Hash browns plain; Or hit them with a train. 
How you have them doesn’t matter; you can Smother, cover or scatter. 
The waitress yells the order away; it all seems in disarray. 
But everything arrives just fine; like dancers they work in time. 
The space is small but the flavor full; breakfast 24 hours a day is cool. 
They always meet me with smiles; to carry me o’re the miles. 
They are like my go to place;
When breakfast is what I face. 
I’ve got a Waffle House desire; for it’s cooking I never tire. 

Good morning! I wrote this a while back, but open it and read it when I sit to enjoy my weekend cheat. I love me some hash browns all the way. 


About photoclark

Who am I? I ask myself that every day. But in reality I am just me.......
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