Dies the Soul

What kills the soul?

Can we kill our soul?

Can we cause our soul to accept a fate that can be prevented by disturbing the quiet?

Self loathing; wallowing in our despair; holding inside our anger and grief; all the right ways to kill your soul. Your soul is meant to be free. To vocalize it’s presence through actions and words. Communication is the only thing I know that can heal, strengthen and revive a soul.

Write, talk, sing, or cry. Don’t let your silence kill your soul.

Dies the Soul

In the stillness of the quiet

The soul screams loudest

From its prison echoes cries

Calling to that which was lost

Chained to stone, so cold

Stealing the warmth, once held

Rusted locks break all keys

No escaping, no ears for pleas

Tortured soul, all alone

Imprisoned internally by self

Thoughts never spoken

Words never heard

In the stillness of the quiet

Dies the soul


Phillip @the_traveling_poet


About photoclark

Who am I? I ask myself that every day. But in reality I am just me.......
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