Ebony and Ivory

It’s funny what triggers poetry in my mind. I was listening to piano instrumental music and allowed my mind to free itself of the “stress” it felt at that time. Then, my mind began to wander to you. If this poem somehow touches you, then yes, I was thinking about you.

I hope you enjoy it.

Ebony and Ivory

What’s it about

Ebony and Ivory

So majestical together

Fingers lightly stroking

Pulling me into their song

In the rhythm of their tone

I become lost, yet again

Drifting to you, my music

The notes you played

Lasting within my heart

Resonating along my nerves

Like well tuned strings

Holding on to hope

To hear it played

Over and over

Your fingers

On me





About photoclark

Who am I? I ask myself that every day. But in reality I am just me.......
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