This music playing

The guitar singing

Thoughts of you

Still lingering

Can you feel

The kisses we’ve had

Does the memory

Make you glad

Such a subtle

Inviting thing

Together, two

Does it bring

Every kiss

I remember


To December

Soon again

Our lips will meet

When again

We do greet

I’m not sure what most people think about a kiss, but I love the intimacy shared in this act.

When her soft lips brush mine, it’s a mutual surrendering of souls. Letting me taste her, giving me that small part of her is exhilarating.

Everyone has had the first kiss, but do you remember your real first kiss? The kiss that left you breathless? The kiss that left you weak knee’d and wanting nothing more than it to never end?

I don’t think we can remember every kiss, but there are kisses I definitely remember. Those are the memories I dream about.

Well, I dream about the good kisses. There are some I remember that I hope to never experience again. Lol

You probably know what I’m talking about, and I’m preaching to the choir, but I still have to tell you

When lips meld as one, coming together in unison, it’s perfect. Nothing else has to occur but that kiss and the chemical reaction occurs. I’ve had real chemistry with maybe three people in my life, but kissing someone who really kisses you back does things inside your body you might not expect. But then again, it might be confirmation more is in store.

So, the next time your lips meet his or hers, may butterflies fill you gut and soft lips welcome you home.


  1. Kissing is lovely. It’s intimacy you can share pretty much anywhere. Also, it speaks of trust–you are trusting someone with your mouth. That is quite the statement, isn’t it? My Piano Man and I kiss as often as we can. And we can a lot. Really. We are the kind of couple who make other people slightly uncomfortable (sometimes, I do it on purpose, lol).

    Don’t get me started about not-so-great kisses. The first boy who kissed me on the mouth, didn’t ask for it. And as you might imagine, I made him regret it pretty fast.

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