My Willie and Dillie Children’s Stories


I have a friend who’s family loves to nap. I make fun of them because I am not a napper. I never have been. But, it is important for little ones to get rest so they can grow healthy and strong. The “Kingdom of Napdom” was inspired by this person, and after writing it, I followed it up with two more stories to conclude Willie’s and Dillie’s day and night.

NOTE: if anyone out there has a desire to illustrate these stories, shoot me a message. We might just be able to work out a monetary agreement. If you would want to do it for free and your name plastered all over it, I’m good with that too.

The Kingdom of Napdom

by Phillip Clark

Willie and Dillie played hard today;
their mommy smiled, and had this to say.

“My babies you’ve had lots of fun;
but now it’s time to get out of the sun.

My eyelids are droopy, yours must be too;
I think a nap is what we will do.

To the Kingdom of Napdom is where we should go;
where everyone stretches from head to toe.

Sir and Lady Napsalot rule this great land;
they help us sleep and that is so grand.

First we must wash, and scrub our face;
we’ll get rid of the dirt, leave no trace.

We’ll put on sleepy clothes and stretch real tall;
then bend and touch our toes so we don’t fall.

Our mouths will open, our yawns will sound;
pillows and stuffed buddies will be found.

Lady Napsalot is so pretty and sweet;
she makes nap time for you a special treat.

She sings so softly, so warm and true.
She sings of beauty and love for you.

Sir Napsalot stands at dream’s front gate.
he lets in dreams that only are great.

All the people he does rule;
are always happy to nap and drool.

Their pillows are filled with special stuff;
that makes them the softest, never rough.

On mattresses soft, and mattresses firm;
be still little ones, do not squirm.

The Napsalot’s say our eyes we must close;
because when we do, we surely will doze.

My babies I say breathe soft, breathe deep;
now is the time, goodnight, let’s sleep.”


Willie and Dillie Go To The Park

by Phillip Clark

Willie and Dillie woke from their nap.
They ran to their dad and hopped in his lap.

“Hello dear dad,” they both said with big grins.
He matched their smile and kissed foreheads and chins.

“We’d love to go and play in the park.
If you would take us, that’d be such a lark.”

Dad just smiled and said with a whistle.
Slow down boys, what’s your hustle?

“To play in the park with you would be the best,
but first I think you must pass a fast test.”

Willie’s and Dillie’s smiles went to frown.
They started to sigh as from his lap they climbed down.

“Why the long faces?” dad asked from his chair.
He watched the two run hands through their hair.

“This test is not hard, it’s easy and quick.
Just pick up your toys, that’s the trick.”

Willie and Dillie both got back their smile.
“Father dear, we can pass that trial.”

So off through the house lickity-split;
they picked up toys, not missing a bit.

When they were done, the rooms did shine.
Dad leaned back and said, “You both did fine.”

He grabbed his hat and a soccer ball too;
because in the park, that’s what you do.

They swung on the ropes, climbed on the bars;
and kicked that soccer ball up to the stars

Father and sons played until late.
Then back home they went through the front gate.

They washed their hands, their face and their neck;
and all gave mommy a kiss and a peck.

Supper was ready and as a family they did dine.
Everyone thought it tasted so fine.

When the food was all gone and each was done;
they helped clear the dishes and had such fun.

Willie and Dillie then took their bath;
put on pajamas and practiced their math.

Mommy tucked them in and read a short book.
They closed their eyes, for that’s all it took.

To dreamland they went to have fun and play;
but that little story is for another day.


Willie and Dillie Dream

by Phillip Clark

Willie and Dillie slept all night.
Lost in dreamland all was right

Willie ran fast and Dillie did too;
anything in dreamland you could do

The boys jumped, laughed and ran.
Then Dillie had a marvelous plan.

He stuck out his arms and flapped real hard;
and flew off into the sky, leaving the yard.

Willie screamed gleefully as he too took flight;
“Dillie my bro, that sun is so bright.”

Willie and Dillie flew for a while;
then both of the boys developed a smile.

Below they saw the ocean below so blue;
and off in that direction with wings they flew

Just as they were about to get wet;
Dillie yelled, “Get ready, get set.”

Willie exclaimed as they dove for the sea;
“Dillie my brother, a walrus I’ll be.”

Both boys transformed and could breathe in the sea;
because in their dream, anything could be.

They swam for a while, shallow and deep;
then softly on the surface they heard a beep.

The boys looked up and swam to the top;
and out of the water into bed they did hop.

No longer asleep, for the alarm woke them up;
“Mommy, we swam and flew up, up, up.”

Mommy smiled as she kissed them and said to her boys;
“Dreams can be better than a chest full of toys.”

“Let’s make your small beds and get ready for the day;
there’s plenty of time for school and for play.”