The Garden of Dead

The Garden of Dead

Walking through the Garden of Dead

Memorials raised above dirt beds

Words of hope etched in stone

Plastic flowers for guilt atone

Crosses of white stained with moss

Saints in stone guard the lost

I hate the thought of my body here

A preserved corps because of fear

Give me back to the wind

Ashes upon the current’s whim

May my gift bring flowers to bloom

Instead of thoughts of impending doom

The Garden of Dead you can keep

But on my grave no one will weep

I can only imagine the amount of money people spend to memorialize the dead. Marble headstones, statues, crypts, etc.

I think I am a minority in my thinking, because I don’t understand the need to have all of that out there. I’ve helped bury lots of people including family, but I guess I’ve never lost anyone who had such an impact on my life I felt they needed memorializing or revisiting the gravesite.

It’s a body. It’s dead. It’s gone. Memories are kept in your heart. Memories recalled from our mind. I remember my grandparents fondly. I think about them all the time. We joke and laugh about some of their antics. But I have never visited their graves. I don’t even know where my mom’s parents are buried. It’s somewhere here in East Texas, but I don’t remember where they’re buried. I only know where my dad’s parents are, and that’s only because it’s the big cemetery in the town where I grew up.

My parents will be buried. Probably even get a headstone. Won’t be much, but we kids will pitch in to mark their location. My mom has requested not to be cremated. She knows she would feel nothing; and, she believes her soul will go to heaven and one day her body will be resurrected no matter the state it is in, but ….. just no cremation please. A sheet and pine box is fine, lol. But no fires. I can respect that.

So why do we do it? Why do we waste so much money on marking a dead body? I’m probably offending someone, and I apologize for hurting your feelings, but I don’t understand.

I think I have empathy, some sympathy, but when I talk about the dead like I do, people think I’m uncaring and callous. Yea; that pretty much hits the mark. I mourn when I lose someone close, but then it’s done.

I am the living one in the Garden of Dead.


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