Do You Know Me?

IMG_4022[1]Who am I?

I ask myself that every day. But in reality I am just me.

I am a 53-year-old divorced man with two adult sons whom I love more than life. I am a trainer for a pharmacy automation company headquartered in Montreal. It seems I spend all my time now on the road. My rough estimate was 330 days on the road in 2018. Before this position, I had the privilege of driving all over the United States for another company. I can proudly say I have been to all of the states and Puerto Rico.

I only tell you this because I am a nomad. I call no place home.  I rent because it’s easier and I treat it like a comfortable climate controlled storage area with perks.

My love of writing happened when I joined the U.S. Army and they made me a photojournalist. It was either embrace it or be a foot soldier. I embraced it. I will tell you I do not have a vast vocabulary or profound wisdom from which to pull my prose. It took me three tries to get through college English. Yes, I am one of those. But, here I am, and if you are reading this, then I guess you want to know.

I spent 13 years in the army, and then found a job as a technical writer (not my forte) and then spent 10 1/2 years with the next company and now in to my third real job post military. I am a loyal lap dog when you get me.

I have a bazillion hobbies. Besides poetry and other written words, I make jewelry, have been a professional photographer and still shoot, bicycle, hike and camp. I love the mountains, and would spend eternity on one if I could.

So that’s about all the wisdom on me that I have at this moment. If you want to know anything else specific, just shoot me a comment. I guess I’ll have a comment page somewhere.


  1. Great biography! Thank you for your service. My dad was in WWII, my only brother in Viet Nam, my oldest son in Iraq. All Army, so I do appreciate every person’s service deeply.

    You did an excellent job describing your life and seem very happy. That’s what truly matters right? I am a new follower now. I like the way you write poetry. I am a mixed-media artist and have started to write some poetry. You can find mine in the last couple years in April and maybe this year in February also.
    Take care and enjoy the road.


  2. Found your blog from your Instagram page. Love your poetry. You have a great work territory, some of my favorite states. Keep on writing.


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